Mid Atlantic Data’s quick response has been our greatest benefit. What they do better? I would say handle the issues with confidence. Nothing makes a business cringe more than hearing an IT Guy say…. not sure what’s causing that....

It’s hard to find a trustworthy IT Guy these days. Most sell you things you don’t need and use scare tactics. I’m confident that I’m not being taken advantage of with Mid-Atlantic and the job is always done right the first time.

Rodney Billings President, BTW21

We have found Mid Atlantic Data to be Prompt, Professional, and Priced Right. Every time we have run into an issue there staff has been Knowledgeable, Customer Focused, and Experienced.

They got our Server back up and running within 24 hours when an outside vendor knocked out our server which is our business life blood. The backup solution Mid Atlantic put into place saved our data and our business.

Jamie Clark Manager, Bassett Cunningham Tire

I would recommend considering quality over anything. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Mid Atlantic Data took care of a software issue that had been going on for months that a previous vendor could not get figured out. We haven’t had the same problem since. They also centralized our data and placed cloud based backups in place to secure all our data with local backups as well so we could get faster data restores.

Jennifer Bowling Controller, Sleep Safe Beds

The bottom line is Mid Atlantic Data has always given quick service to my company and guided me in the correct way for all my IT needs, and yes I would recommend Mid Atlantic Data to anyone.

Larry Willard Willard Insurance