MASS Program

When we started our company in 2004, the delivery of residential services was our primary business. We have grown to include small businesses and more localities, but we haven’t forgotten how we got to this point and the importance of continuing to offer superior services at the residential level.

Our signature residential program is still in place.

Now referred to as the Mid-Atlantic Service and Support (MASS) Plan, for $99.99 a year, you will have access to our IT services for computer maintenance and to prevent computer crashes and home network challenges. There is no need to go to a computer store or pay high fees when we can come to you either in person at a reduced rate or remotely at no additional expense.

The MASS Plan is simple. Our annual fee of $99.99 will provide you with:

• Three remote services
• A highly reliable anti-virus program
• Onsite services at a reduced hourly rate

If the remote service extends to more than an hour, which rarely happens, it will be evident that a more serious problem is at hand. Therefore, additional fees will be incurred. Prior to incurring this expense, we will let you know so that there are no surprises.